Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Mobile Service




As the whole point of cloud computing as a theory is to migrate the processing power away from the device as when for example when doing a task that takes a lot of processing like searching in a lot of data or processing a large image where this task will take a lot of time on the device but if the processing is done outside the device and the result was returned then that would be using the processing power as a service and will be a well use of the cloud computing and that’s what’s azure mobile services is all about.

Windows Azure mobile service is simply a service that runs on the mobile device and then a request is sent to the cloud (Windows Azure) with the data that needs to be processed or the task that needs to be executed and then the processing process happens on the cloud and the mobile service waits for the result until the processing process is done and the result is sent back to the mobile device.

Mobile Services also are used to store data in a windows azure SQL database which was formerly known as (SQL Azure), Azure Tables or BLOBs.


Reaching every platform


Windows Azure Mobile Services supports a lot of mobile platforms that are commonly used now a days like Android, IOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8 so using windows azure SDK you can reach every 1 of these platforms via the RESTFUL API and also it connects multiple client apps to the same mobile service as a backend.

Mobile Services Features


Windows Azure Mobile services has lots of features to support developers that depend on azure as a backend for their applications, the most popular features are push notifications and authentication.

Push Notifications


Notification is a way of delivering a message to the user of a certain system by using software and maybe hardware features to notify him/her about a new update in the system for example when received a new e-mail a notification appears on the screen and plays a sound so that the user would be alert to the new mail that have been received.

Most of the new social networks and e-mail clients now a days use the notifications system as they want their users to be updated with the new updates they have like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Windows Live, …etc.

Windows Azure mobile service has built a push notification hub for the developers to make the mobile application users be familiar with the latest updates and notify them with the most important data/updates so it’s easily implemented in the Windows Store, Windows Phone, Android and IOS applications. 



Authentication with well-known Service providers


A lot people that want to access their services on the cloud must go through an authentication process where each user trying to access the services on the cloud must be authorized with an access specially that users accessing these services are from different identity providers.

That’s why Windows Azure made authentication to well-known identity providers like Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft Account more easily through mobile services just by registering on the wanted identity provider developer website and asking for a token for the application and adding it to the mobile service the user can then be authenticated through the mobile service.