Create Your First Windows Azure Mobile Services

Azure SDK


As previously blogged about the features of a windows azure mobile service acting as a backend for the mobile application and what does azure offer developers first of all before creating the first mobile service you need to have Windows Azure SDK if you are going to link your application to the created mobile service which you can find here



Where you can find the SDK for the target platform you are using to develop your application


Azure Account


Now it’s time to create your first Azure Mobile Service but in order to do so you must have a Windows Azure working account if you don’t have one you can register for a 90 days trial from

Note: Internet Card or credit card that supports internet transactions is needed for authentication


Create your first mobile service


First of all you must go to the windows azure account portal from and sign in with your Microsoft account than you registered with for windows azure account



Then after going to the portal the previous screen appears with all of the services you’ve created choose new and select mobile service



After selecting create the following windows will appear for you to enter the URL for your mobile service and choose if you want to create a new Database and its region



Then press next to take you to the next page which you’ll specify the DB settings and then press finish to create your mobile serviceImage



Once you’ve done these steps you’ve successfully created your first mobile service then what you can do next is to either link it to an existing application or create a new application via the mobile service which will create for you a simple ToDo list application for the target platform that you choose and create a todo table for your application to store the items the user enters via the mobile service.



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