Change your windows 8 Application Tile Logos and the Splash Screen

For any windows 8 application there are 3 Standard Tile Logos which are :


its the main tile logo for the application and its dimensions is  150 x 150 pixels


its a wide tile logo for the application and its dimensions are 310 x 150 pixels.


its a small logo for the application and its dimensions are 30 x 30 pixels.

besides these there is the StoreLogo.png

which is the logo for the application when its uploaded on the Windows Store and its dimensions are 50 x 50 pixels.

and the SplashScreen.png

its the Splash Screen which appears in the start (beginning) of the application launch and its dimensions are 620 x 300 pixels.

You’ll find the Logo.png, SmallLogo.png and StoreLogo.png are created with any Windows Store project created with a template icon which can be found in the Assets folder




you can edit them with your own application logo and splash screen or you can edit them by your own files and reference them through the Package.appxmanifest file which you’ll find below the files in the solution explorer 



Just double click it and it will open the file which has all of the deployment package properties the first tab which is selected is the UI which has all of our UI Properties

you’ll find the Tile properties which has all of the logos and the tile background color you can easily change any logo by pressing the browse button next to the URI button of every logo and through here you can also add the Wide Logo 



and when you scroll down you’ll find the Splash Screen part which has the properties of the splash screen and its path you can press on the browse button and choose your splash screen and you can change its background color from here also



to change the background color of the logos or the splash screen you just write its Hexadecimal Value for example

black is #000000 

you can choose the color you want in hexadecimal through this site


When you add a wide logo it becomes the default start tile and you can make it smaller by choosing smaller from the Start AppBar.

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