How to create your first Windows 8 Application ?

After understanding the windows 8 technical concepts in my previous blog its time to start developing our application.

First you must ensure to have Visual Studio 2012 and for sure Windows 8.

Second there are different technologies that you can you use in the app development which is a good thing that will make people want to develop more apps.

Technologies supported are

WPF + C#

its the (silverlight) XAML used for the design combined with the C# programming language.

WPF + C++

Using the XAML for the design combined with the C++ programming language.

HTML + JavaScript

Using the HTML for the design combined with the JavaScript for programming.

now choose one of these technologies and get started.

Third our windows 8 application consists of 3 main parts

App Pages (HTML or XAML)

which has all of the design of our application pages and we can add components to it easily.

Data Model (Data Layer)

it has all of the information stored in a data source.


it has all of the images that we will add to the application to use it later.

Now its developing time

Open Visual Studio 2012 and choose create a new project



choose the type of project based on the technology you selected and then choose windows store to create a windows store application I selected C# .

In the C# you’ll find it more easy as Microsoft created a ready made templates for developing windows store apps to make it easier for the developer so you’ll have to choose between 3 options

Blank App

it creates an empty XAML Page so that the developer could add his components later using the toolbox .



Grid App

Its a pre-made template containing the Grid Tiles view and each tile contains certain information about it and has description and an image however it has 3 XAML Pages

GroupedItemsPage.xaml which has all of the items grouped together in grid view



GroupDetailPage.xaml which has the description of the group and its image the items in each group with their description and images



ItemDetailPage.xaml which has the item title, image and content



Split App

Its the same as the Grid App but with 2 XAML pages only

ItemsPage.xaml which has the groups view where each group has items inside it



SplitPage.xaml which appears after selecting a group and is splitted into 2 views a select menu on the left having all of the group items and when you select any item it opens on the right the item content and image.



These were all of the types of windows 8 applications all of the other options are to create either a library to add later to a windows 8 application or a windows runtime component.

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