Azure Access Control Service

Cloud computing has became one of the popular most reliable things in business now a days that most of the new businesses go to it as it costs a lot less than buying their own storage and making their own systems. So with all of the people that wants to access their services on the cloud there has to be an authentication process where each user trying to access the services on the cloud must be authorized with an access specially that users accessing these services are from different identity providers. In conclusion Access Control Service is way of authenticating and authorizing users accessing the applications and services on cloud through different identity providers instead of implementing user’s ACS each time he accesses the cloud. ACS integerates with well known standard identity providers like Windows Live ID, Yahoo, Google and Facebook.


Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applied to my own Apps

The policy certifies that the user privacy is protected and that the apps doesn’t allow any access to personal information or data.

Data taken from the user and sent through the internet are through a secured encrypted connection.