Cloud History

Cloud computing which is well known now a days and that will be the IT future dates back to the 60’s when the creator of AI John MC Carthy said that ” Computation may someday be organized as a public utility ” which is the cloud concept.

At this time people used the client to client connections to transfer data from a computer to another then afterwards the client server model was created in the early 90’s which made a break through in the data transfer as more than one client can connect to the server from anywhere which has all the data stored and then followed by the internet revolution where the internet was introduced.
Another concept was invented in the late 90’s which is the Grid Computing, it is the gathering of computer resources to reach a certain goal.

Later on the first milestone for cloud computing was invented by on the year 1999  which introduced the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple website (EAS:Enterprise As a Service), then Amazon introduced its web services on the year 2002 which is a suite of cloud based services including storage, computation and human intelligence. Then many cloud computing solutions were introduce on the year 2006 Google Docs and Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) followed by Eucalyptus on the Year 2008 which is the first open source API compatible for devloping private cloud and Windows Azure was introduce on the year 2009 by Microsoft which is the first cloud computing platform to support the 3 cloud computing layers of the cloud stack combined (Infrastructure As a Service”IaaS”, Platform As a Service”PaaS”, Software As a Service”SaaS”).