Cloud Computing

What is meant by the cloud?!

In the last few months a lot of big companies say that they have joined the cloud, but what is that cloud?
Cloud computing is a new concept of storing your data and sharing it online. In the cloud your data is distributed to many different places that you don’t know about them. Actually it’s not only about having the online storage to store your data you can create and run applications on the cloud and that is called the power of cloud, the whole idea is that you can have storage, processing power with such a small amount of money whenever you need.

There are 3 main rules describing the cloud which are:

The cloud is a set of infinite resources as you can have as much storage and processing power as you wish there is no limit to the resources. You can pay as you go so you don’t need to buy anything just rent the hardware and the storage you want in order to store the data or share your applications. Scalability is found as you can decrease the amount of storage or increase it according to your usage.

What scares the companies from joining the cloud is that they don’t have their hardware or data in their own infrastructure so they think the data isn’t secured enough and can be lost easily or stolen. Actually as the cloud develops these days its security increases so when putting the data or the apps on the cloud there are several layers of security and encryption added so that no one can access the data whatever what it costs as the data protection is one of the most important points to the client. Not only data are secured and protected but also there is a frequent back up for the user’s data that ensures the safety of the data so that it would never be lost and this backup is copied also. The most common question that most of the readers ask when they hear about the cloud and its power is how the cloud can help us?!

Since the processing power is not done on the user’s Device and the processing power of the cloud can handle a lot than normal computational power the cloud now can do impossible things for example image processing always takes a lot of time now with the power of cloud it can be done in much less time, also scientific calculations that needs super computers in order to do it can now easily be done the cloud and a lot of other cool things.

So what the user needs these days is only an internet connection and a device to access their cloud. From the famous implementations of the cloud is Amazon’s Cloud (“Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud”)
known also as EC2, Microsoft’s Cloud (“Windows Azure”) and Linux Ubuntu‘s Cloud (“Ubuntu One”)

By : Amr Salah Abulanaga